IRONMAN Hulkbuster (Photo-compositing)

Personal project, one that i really have enjoyed a lot. I enjoy every project i do for my self, but this one was a cool challenge that made me learn a lot in the process and have so much fun trough it.

Well, finally after eight hours sited behind the chair playing with Adobe Photoshop and more or less one and a half hours today for final touches, i ended the IRONMAN Hulkbuster composition. 

I bought this toy few months. Yesterday i was playing with my camera and my new lens so made a few shots of the toy just to practice lighting after watching a course on Skillshare from Ryan Booth. It was made all with natural light. All shots were taken by me, just the fire shots are stock pictures. The foreground, middle and background where taken atPlaya del Carmen. I was lucky that when i was living there i took a lot of shots of constructions a construction close to my appatment, so i have a lot of highres shots of debris, rust, metallic parts, etc.

I want to thank my brother Felix Alejandro Hernández Rodríguez who was my biggest inspiration for this composition :)!
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