Visitor of Marduk (Compositing)

Composite made for the workshop i gave in Chiapas, Mexico, were i had a lot of fun! And also by teaching my workflow i learned more interesting techniques because of the questions that the students were asking trought my process. It wasn't finished at all so i took a few more time this days to give it more detail and stuff :) Canon 6D + 35mm 1.4 Sigma ART (3) YN 560 IV speedlights + modifiers, bellow is explained how i used each modifier. For the mainlight i used a 110cm umbrella from the top to give more dramatic shadows into the character and also more volume, i didn't used fill light because the ambient light of the room was enough. The second was used to create rimlight. One softbox 90x60cm with cyan gel from the left/back of the character to give some mood with that tone. The third light was also used for rimlight, but this time from her left/back to separate her from the BG. I think the most funt part was to change the shader of the gun and make it look like metalic. FB BEHANCE 500px For the BG i used a awesome texture from Marela Bolivar

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